The Griot – E-Newsletter V.1 No.2

The griot n2



The Sahel region is a youthful region with more than 135 million inhabitants with about
65% under 25 years old of the total population. The population growth rate of the region is
also among the highest in the world. This number includes children who after the youth, are
the next significant demographic age group in the Sahel. In the face of the uncertainties
in the countries in the Sahel, which have resulted in limited or even the lack of basic
services in some parts, but also in recognition of the role the present day children will play
in the future as youth and young adults in the realization of the Sahel of their dreams, this
edition of the United Nations Integrated Strategy of the Sahel (UNISS) newsletter is shining
a light on the work that the UN has done and is doing as concerns children. This is based
on the understanding that collective, coordinated, innovative and transformative actions
on the ground for children will benefit Sahelians and, will be vital to the achievement of the
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the African Union’s Agenda 2063 in the Sahel…

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