Foreword by USG Mr. Abdoulaye Mar Dieye, UN Special Coordinator for Development in the Sahel

“2022 started with a collective hope. A hope to strengthen our service to Sahelians through our three working pillars which are: governance, resilience, and peace and security, with full awareness that realization would be impaired in conditions where peace is itself still a hope.

Colleagues, the 13th UNISS Steering Committee meeting in N’Djamena held in May of this year discussed
three possible accelerators, namely: industrialization, water, and governance, around which we could focus our attention and joint efforts. To achieve this, and outcomes of other equally important activities the issue of building or maintaining peace in the Sahel is a sine qua non without which development can be achieved.

To this end, this edition of “the Griot” highlights how peace can be re-established in communities through inter-community and government actions, empowering youth and women and providing support to government.

I express my gratitude to all Partners and colleagues of Agencies, Funds and Programmes (AFPs) in the Sahel for the work done on the ground with PBF and for all those whose lives have improved, continue to improve, and to the Sahelians themselves who continue to be involved for a prosperous and peaceful Sahel. (READ MORE…)