Sahelians Youth and Women Exchange with the United Nations

On October 11, the United Nations Agencies, Funds and Programs in the Sahel through the Office of the Special Coordinator for  Developmen in the Sahel (OSCS) will launch an online discussion class entitled Voices from Sahel: Conversations, Visions & Solutions.

It will bring together youth and women from the 10 UNISS countries, members of the UN system (agencies, funds and programs working specifically on the Sahel), regional/sub-regional organizations, government representatives from the 10 member states, NGOs, CSOs, universities and other non-state actors working on youth-related issues.

The main objective of the initiative in the Sahel context is to enable Sahelian voices to guide the work of the UN system in the Sahel region towards the implementation of the UNISS/UNSP.

The conclusions of the consultation will not only inform Generation Unlimited (GenU) Sahel but will also be presented during the next meetings of the UNISS Steering Committee and the Steering Committee on Changing the Narrative of the Sahel.

One discussion room will be created, under the following themes:

  • What priorities of the UN Sahel Plan are the most relevant to your context and why?
  • How can young people, including women, contribute to a peaceful and prosperous Sahel?
  • How can the UN and young people work together to change the negative narrative on the Sahel?
  • How can youth, women and governments partner in the areas of development, resilience and peacebuilding in the Sahel?

Hosted on the Spark Blue platform, it allows for interventions in several languages including French and English.

To participate, please register via this link

Registration instructions are available in French and English here

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