United Nations in the Sahel: Delivering as One in Action. Whole-of-UN-system coherent planning.


A. Rationale and justification

This document aims to define a UN joined and efficient approach in the Sahel, including in the deployment of strategic assessment and support missions, with the aim for a coherent approach and prioritizing for impactful results. The multi-dimensional crisis and challenges in the Sahel, requires an effective multilateral system which addresses global and regional trends and the local root-causes. At the regional level, the United Nations Integrated Strategy for the Sahel (UNISS) and its Support Plan aim at addressing the underlying causes of what is now a massive humanitarian crisis affecting 29 million people in at least 6 of the 10 countries and accelerating collective delivery of human development interventions in the Sahel region. While ensuring support to tackle regional peace and security issues, it is also premised on the collaboration between humanitarian and sustainable development interventions to build resilience of people and communities. Several Africa UN Regional Coordination Platforms (RCP) Issues Based Coalitions objectives also address some of the problems of the Sahel region. Against this backdrop, the UN principals are cognizant of the need to ensure that the identification of areas for support is jointly assessed for UN responses to be more strategically coherent and better resourced to achieve greater impact.

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